Playing a Piano like a Pro

If you are a person who has a basic knowledge about playing a piano, then you might also want to learn how to read piano notes. This is the basic thing you need to learn so that you can play any music you want. A skilled pianist plays a piano with ease. One of the advanced skills that they have is playing without looking at their hands, but only at their notes. If you practice more, you can also achieve the same level of expertise. You can read music notes without any problem. It is just like reading your favorite storybook. Here are some tips that will teach you how to read piano notes with ease. First get a copy of a new music book that is different from the ones you already have. Be sure to buy a music book that is for your skill level. You can also choose an easier one for you to start practicing with. Also, be sure that you buy a book that contains music that you really love and enjoy playing. After you have chosen a new music book, it is time for you to start playing it. Open the book on the first page and start looking at the notes. Familiarize yourself with the music piece and understand each note. After being familiarized with the piece you can start playing it. Try to finish the whole song and start playing it all over again until you get used to it. If you play the song very comfortably, you will start enjoying it. After memorizing your favorite piece, keep that song in your mind. Try to play the music piece without looking at the notes. Look only if needed. If you can achieve this, you can call yourself an advanced pianist. Keep practicing. These are your stepping stones to becoming successful.

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