Profit Strategy – Profit at Your Fingers Tip

s a small business owner, while your small business resources are limited, it does not mean that you are unable to have a systematic marketing plan to grow your profit. You just need to come out with a few practical ideas to bring in profit for your small business.

One of the many small business ideas is always ask you this question?

Who are my customers?

You might think that you know your customers well just because ever time they walked into your store; you know them by names and perhaps knew where their kids school and what they do for a living. Further than a friendly acquaintance and more important to your business, your record or your memory is blank.

Questions like;

What do they buy from you?Do you ever take notice what your customers buy from you and why do they buy these items and not the other? Knowing what and why your customers buy will increase your chance of introducing a relative product which they might not be aware of. More products sales mean more profit for you.

Why do they buy from you over your competitors’ store?

Do you know the actual reason they buy from you?

Is it because you price is 30% lower than your competitors or just because you know where their kids study?

Until you know who are your customers, what they buy the actual reason why, you will be able to draw up your small business grow plan and a systematic and targeted marketing and promotion campaign to attract them to come back more often. And for this strategy to work there is one very important question you really need to ask yourself, without which you will be wasting lot of money to get customers but never retain them.

Do I have an up to date record of my customers’ profile and ways to contact them?

If you answer is no, perhaps it is high time you need to create one for your business growth. Without this, you actually do not have a customers’ base because you are being passive in running your business, simply because you are waiting for your customers to come and unable to create opportunity for them to come back every time you have some new promotion, new products or new ways that can save your customers money and time.

Know your customers at your fingers tips; so to speak, and you will increase your business profit at your fingers tips. DO IT NOW!

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