Put Your Best Face Forward With a Cosmetology Career

Cosmetologist can earn anywhere from a modest to high income depending on the capacity in which they work.

Makeup Artist

When people go to cosmetology school one of the skills they will learn is makeup application. This involves knowing correct color choices and skin care techniques. Makeup artists are needed in a variety of different capacities. Print ad campaigns use makeup artist, film and TV productions use makeup artist and models and actresses use them as well. You will be working with people to make them look their best or in some cases look the part they are playing.


When a person attends cosmetology school they take esthetician courses. Estheticians help people take care of their skin and improve the appearance of their skin. So, essentially in this career path you would be a skin care specialist. Estheticians work in salons, spas and occasionally in retail environments.

As an esthetician you will be performing facials, body wraps, skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and makeup applications among many other services.

Nail Technician

Often when people attend cosmetology school they have one area of study that interest them more than the others. In fact, many people attend cosmetology school strictly to become a nail technician and they don’t even take any other courses. Nail technicians perform a variety of tasks including manicures, pedicures, application of false nails along with hand and nail care. Nail technicians can work in salons, spas and nail shops.

Hair Stylist

Naturally, when you go to cosmetology school you can graduate school and take a job working as a hair stylist.

Stylists can work in a variety of environments like spas, salons, resorts, cruise ships, retirement homes, movie and TV sets and even as a teacher in a cosmetology school. Often, cosmetologists choose to specialize in a certain skill to increase their earning potential. An example of this would be someone who takes a job as a coloring consultant.

The place you choose to work will be the driving force behind your income level.

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