Put Your Heart Into Your Business

Most of the marketing strategies of the companies today, especially in major and medium sized businesses, include promotional products. You want to increase your sales, you want to build a good image – there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, remind us, we don’t mind. We are all humans, you know, we all forget. Besides, everybody knows that this is a working strategy. But do you really want people to remember your company? Or your product? I don’t think I would find in any company a businessman who would say he doesn’t care about his customers. No wonder, all of them care. At least they say they care. But to say is not good enough. Usually when they say “We value our customers and clients” they mean “I sincerely hope that they will continue spending their money on my products, I like that!” There is nothing wrong with that too.

So, where is the problem then? The problem is that businessmen should never underestimate the human factor. They should never forget that people need communication, attention and real care. Of course, the promotional products are a type of communication but a very passive one. Too passive, I believe. As a result, your customers do not feel the warmth of a smile or a handshake, they do not hear words of encouragement and understanding or just some kind words. That means something in your strategy is missing. Do you want to know what exactly? I am quite sure that if you communicate directly with your clients, customers and partners, you will gain much more and you will still be making money. Most probably, more money.

Direct communication is always a good idea. This way you will have the opportunity to listen to your customers complaints and remarks and you will understand what they think about your product or products. Surprise them with something they don’t expect. Pleasant surprise is the best advertisement. Show them your appreciation and gratitude. Make them feel valuable and important, pay attention to what they say. They deserve it. Don’t be afraid to put some emotion into your business – your customers will appreciate that. Besides, there is no promotional item in the world that can replace a human relationship. Nothing can replace it.

Do you really want people to remember your company? Do you really want to be near them all the time? Talk to people and they will never forget you!

Lottie Carrot works in the promotional products industry for Argon Promotions, the leading company in terms of innovative business gift ideas. Lottie works closely with businesses to help market their products and services by providing information and help in the selection of suitable promotional products for their advertising campaigns.


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