Putting It All Together

Acquiring information from different sources plays a great role in a person’s success. But what’s even better is if he puts all these learning into action and improves it into something much better than how it’s supposed to be. If you have gathered all the different steps to take in order to make money, the next big thing that you can do is to start putting it all together. In doing this, you need to do a few simple steps and organize all of them.
First, it is very important to start with your market. Knowing the fact that they are your priority, they always deserve your attention. There are two things in your market; one is free and the other is paid. The next thing that you need to do is to build your website.
There are two options in putting it all together which you can choose from in order to do this. The first option is to take them to something that pays you. There are different ways of getting paid; one is by pay per click (PPC) which should be on your own site, another is cost per action (CPA) wherein you will lead them to another site and third, through Clickbank offers or your own (if you have one). If you want to stick with Clickbank offers, then you are referring to Clickbank as an affiliate. If you are going to use your own thing, then you can surely sell it and keep all the profits to yourself.
Another option that you can do is to take them to your Opt in list. There are a few things that you can do in this type of option. One is to take them to something that pays you. You can do this right after they fill out your form. Another one is that you can follow up and provide them value wherein you take them back to something that pays you. Finally, you can use a “Thank You” page and you can take them into something that you. Now the third one is a much preferred method because this works better compared to the other two.

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