Putting The Heat On Metals

Every industry dealing with metals require heat treatment. It’s essential to improve the quality of metals and achieve high standards. That’s why this treatment is necessary. Through this process, metals and alloys undergo changes in physical and metallurgical and physical properties. The technique involves a combination of controlled heating and cooling that is applied to the metal whereby its mechanical, physical and chemical properties are altered.

There are various processes through which heat treatment can be provided. Quenching is one of the many methods. In this process raw materials are heated to extreme temperatures so as to increase their internal stress.Metals are hardened by heating to the point that it reaches the austentitic crystal phase. Then this is quickly followed by cooling. If the metal is cooled too fast, then a portion of the austentite transforms into a hard, brittle crystalline structure known as martensite. The idea behind this is to harden or soften a material.

Another common heat treatment technique is annealing. In this process, those materials that have been cooled are recovered. At the end of this process, the metal turns out soft and ductile.

Tempering takes place when a substance is toughened by putting it through high temperature. In ageing structural change may occur in metals or alloys either at normal or higher temperature. In this method, hardness and stress of the substance is increased. When this is done artificially, it is referred to as precipitation hardening. In homogenising, heat is applied at a high temperature by means of diffusion to decrease segregation. Hardening is another method where metals are heated at a very high temperature which is maintained till diffusion is over and then it quenched in water, oil or air.

Heat treatment is a must for all industries. And to get the right kind of treatment, it’s important to employ the services of experts. Britain’s Induction Heat Treatment Services Ltd is one such organisation that provides heat treatment to the metal industry. They have been doing this since 1967. Their services the most authentic and of a superior quality.

Their range of services is exhaustive. Other than the usual processes, they provide carbon nitriding, shot blasting to die steels, cast irons, tool steels among others.

So for all industries to improve the quality of their products, it’s essential to go for heat treatment. And it’s always wise to employ the services of the best heat specialist. Induction Heat Treatment Services Ltd can offer you the best. Toknow more about them, log on to www.heat-treat.co.uk. Their range is mindblowing and quality the best.


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