Scorpion Removal – Tricks and Tips

The quickest and easiest way to remove scorpions is to call a professional who will examine your property for problem areas and apply a generous dose of poison. There are small and simple things you can do, however, which will greatly decrease the presence of scorpions in the home.

Clean up the Yard

The trick is to remove anything that provides a comfy place for scorpions to relax. Brush piles, woodpiles, large rocks, logs, and even children’s toys are places under which scorpions will take refuge, reproduce, and prepare to invade your home. Next, move to adjusting the landscaping. Woodchips, bark, and loose soil are easy locations for scorpions to burrow under.

Repair the Outer Structure of your Home

Like anything, scorpions follow the path of least resistance. Remove this option by filling cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation and outer structure. Keep your eyes open for particularly small cracks as scorpions can easily squeeze through. Look near outdoor water faucets, areas where cables enter the home, and the air conditioner with its accompanying hoses and wires that enter the home. The slightest crack associated with any of these areas is a perfect front door for scorpions.

Fortify the Inside

Much like entering the walls of the home through cracks and crevices, scorpions will move from the walls to the kitchen floor through cracks within the home. Use a standard calk gun to fill cracks near water facets, switches, fixtures and ceiling fans. Additionally, cut-off the food and water supply by fixing leaks, removing crumbs, and leaving pet dishes empty at night. Be sure to keep the home tidy. Pick up wet towels, newspapers, and laundry, as scorpions will use these items as a cover. Pets and Predators One final suggestion is to bring in a predator that is not afraid to take on a scorpion. Housecats can be very efficient predators, although you will be taking the risk of the cat getting stung, which usually will not cause permanent injury. Chickens are also a great predator because they eat any creepy, crawly thing.

After taking some precautions, it’s not a bad idea to call in a professional to put on the finishing touches with poison. While you have the professional at your home, go ahead and spray for other pests like cockroaches and crickets because scorpions feed primarily on these smaller bugs.

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