Seven Ways to Put Your Food Bill on a Diet

If you’re like me, then you are always looking for a way to save money. During these harsh economic times, concerned individuals need to make every penny count. By utilizing these simple tips, you can slash your monthly food bill.

Shop only after you’ve eaten

I live by this rule. I will not set foot in a grocery store if I haven’t at least had a snack. When your belly is full, all the scrumptious-looking, high cost foods won’t be as appealing. A full stomach also gives you the boost to spend a few extra seconds to comparison shop, so that you get the most for your money.

Take a glance at the unit price

Only in the last few years did I realize that such a thing as unit price existed. This helpful number, usually located on the price sticker on the store counter, shows you how much a product costs per ounce, pound, etc. So, you can instantly find out if the short food costs more than the tall or the brand name costs less than generic. (Oh yes, this happens).

Use your coupons

Everyone knows that coupons save money. But did you know the grocery’s store weekly circular will tell you what items are on sale? You can then check your coupon book for added savings. My favorite thing to do is use coupon on top of sale items for explosive savings, sometimes ending in free products and money-makers.

I keep my coupons paper clipped to my list, so that I don’t lose them. You also can place them in a plastic baggy or envelope for easy access.

Frequent farmer’s market

Your town’s local farmer’s market will likely have fresh produce, sometimes even organics, at outstandingly lower prices than supermarket chains. Some markets even have meat, dairy, fish and preserves for sale. An added bonus is that I’ve found that my local shop seems to have fresher produce than the chains.

Plan out your meals

Take some time to plan out what your family will be consuming for the week. Take into account your family’s schedule and whether eating out will be a necessity for some days or if leftovers can be used. This way, you can go to the store with a purpose of getting the ingredients for your planned recipes.

Don’t throw leftovers. Rehash them into new dishes. I like to take old salad veggies and make a stir fry with rice and fish. Be creative so you can save money.

Freeze doubled recipes

Cook way more for your family than you planned and freeze half of it. This way, you can pull it out at a later date for another lunch or dinner. This especially works well if you buy in bulk, another money-saving tip.

Do it homemade

A homemade cake, even a cake mix, might cost a few dollars versus a store-bought cake that costs about $ 25. Sure, you have to take your time to make it; but if you stick to simple recipes, you won’t find yourself spending any more time mixing and popping it into the oven than going to a store, standing in line, and traveling to bring that other cake home.

The point is to make more homemade eatables, like salad dressing and spaghetti sauce, to save money.

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