Should you put an LCD TV, LED TV or 3D TV on your Christmas wish list?

With the pace of technology making it pretty much impossible to own the latest anything for longer than a couple of months, it can be hard to decide whether to go all out on Christmas gadgets or to buy slightly older models and get a better deal. And so the debate between LCD TVs, LED TVs and 3D TVs is in full swing but how can you decide which one of these to put on your Christmas wish list?

LCD TVs Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs came after Plasma in the timeline of television technology and they are still considered to be very much cutting edge, despite now being only the third newest technology after LED TVs and 3D TVs. LCD TVs are very popular because the technology itself means that the televisions are slimline and can be wall mounted to save space and add a touch of design to any home. When televisions were very bulky, people often opted for smaller screen sizes so that the television didn’t take over the whole room but now bigger screen sizes can be accommodated even in small rooms.

LED TVs Light Emitting Diodes (LED) TVs are based on the same technology as LCD TVs but they use hundreds of tiny lights to create increased contrast between colours, truer blacks and brighter colours, all of which mean a better picture whether you are playing video games, watching television or watching films.

3D TVs 3-Dimensional (3D) TVs are the latest in viewing technology and at the moment viewers must wear glasses in order to be able to see the three dimensional qualities which it offers. 3D TVs are so new that they are subject to discussion by both experts and consumers and no definitive conclusion has been reached as to whether they are better than previous types of television. However, they do offer something completely new and therefore exciting for customers looking to buy a new television.

So now that you know the differences between these three types of television it’s time to decide which one suits you, your lifestyle, your budget and your needs and therefore which one to put on your Christmas wish list this year. E-commerce sites often have handy comparison tools which allow you to see the specifications and special features of the LCD TVs, LED TVs and 3D TVs that you are interested in on one screen. It is also sometimes worth reading customer reviews and feedback to see what people who already own a product think of it.

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