Step By Step Internet Marketing

Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to earn a few dollars while taking care of her mother. She bought packages that promised her she would be a millionaire while working 1 hour a week. She got ripped off by data entry, typing, survey offers. She spent more money over and over again. She felt that there was no way out. The wicked witches of internet rip off were winning and she was losing.

But then her prince came. Okay, pretty corny,huh but is really the story of my life. I realized the only way I was ever going to get somewhere with all this was to really look at the situation and research the best things I could be doing and try it and see how it works – step by step Internet marketing.

The first objective you have to achieve is finding a product. If you look up affiliate marketing you’ll find companies that will pay you to sell their product. You have to find something that actual sells. There is no sense in putting all your effort into a product that doesn’t sell. You can do this by checking out the URL of the product in You can find out if the product is selling and if it is consistently selling.

Once you find your product you’re going to want to find a way of promoting them. Research free ways of promoting on line. Article marketing is great. You get to write informative articles where you can leave your link. Of course all of it has to match. You can’t write an article on weight loss and send them to a website about home-based businesses. This won’t get you any sales.

Also, you can go onto blogs that are related to your product and leave a comment and of course your link. You can go to forum sites like or and answer questions. And don’t forget to leave your link. This is fun and creates traffic for your site.

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