Stock Options Trading Tips For Beginners

There are many advantages to trading stock options when compared with regular stock trading and investing. Like any type of investing, it is essential to have a good amount of knowledge about the type of investment before taking the plunge. Here are some tips for beginning stock options trading:


If you are starting with little knowledge about stock options, it is especially important to do your research first. Get a book or attend some seminars. It can be complicated and has many different types of trading, buying and selling available. Know what type of options you want to try your hand in and do you best to research that specific area. You need to know terms like calls, puts, long call, short call, long put, short put, long synthetic, short synthetic, call backspread, put backspread, call bull spread, put bull spread, covered call, protective put, collar, call bear spread, put bear spread, long straddle, short straddle, short strangle, long strangle, long guts, short guts, call time spread, put time spread, call ration vertical, put ration vertical, long call butterfly, short call butterfly, long put butterfly, short put butterfly, long condor and short condor, among others. If this sounds like a lot, it is, and you should at least know the basics of what these terms mean.

Stay on Top

Don’t forget to tap into the vast resources of the Internet and subscribe to the many stock options trading newsletters, join forums and stay on top of options trading news. Make it a daily habit to read up on what’s going on in the market.

Courses & Tutorials

One of the best ways to start your foray into trading is to get yourself a course, system or take advantage of some tutorials. There are many basic tutorials available for free online that will give you the basics of stock options and trading with them. Many tutorials even have videos, examples and other interactive elements which can be very valuable to someone who is new to trading with stock options. There’s also numerous courses that are available online and offline, many include electronic books, memberships, forums, videos, DVD’s, audio files, spreadsheets and other materials. A course that is designed to teach you how to trade can be very valuable to a newbie to options trading.


Finally, there are numerous options when it comes to options trading software. These software packages and systems can help you simulate and analyze scenarios and can be valuable tools in your stock options trading arsenal.

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