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Easy Computer Registry Clean Up Tips

It’s wonderful to start using a brand new computer because they work so quickly. Using a brand new computer makes life much simpler. All computers experience the same problem and that’s because as they get older they all start to really slow down. You should be able to use registry clean up software to breathe… Read more


How To Start A Computer Business on the Correct Managed Service Model

I’ve been doing a lot of forum participation lately where it seems every other post is from a tech asking how to start a computer business by running around town fixing all the neighbor’s computers. And ultimately, they all seem to ask the same question… “How much should I charge per hour?” I can tell… Read more


How to Put Music on PSP from Computer

Sony’s PlayStation Portable is a versatile entertainment center which offers more than just gaming. You can connect to the internet, watch videos and even listen to music. For all those of you who have recently become proud owners of your own PlayStation Portable, I share some tips on how to put music on PSP and… Read more