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How to Apply Frosted Window Film

If you want to save money and apply frosted window film by yourself, here are some easy and simple to follow instructions. Window film can be applied to any smooth, non porous substance making them useful to apply to windows, shower stalls, hard plastic and glass. They can be used to enhance surroundings and windows… Read more


How Does Theatrical Make-up Differ From TV & Film Make-up?

In film and TV make-up, the make-up artist tries to make every pore of your skin appear clean and clear without giving a painted look. As in film and TV, the face is magnified on the screen and one can easily see all its details in close up. However, when make-up is done for the… Read more


How To Apply To A Film School

Film schools are any accredited institution that teaches or focuses on certain aspects of film making. The schools usually teach both the history of film and hands-on training regarding lighting, camera operation, and editing equipment. For prospective film makers, directors, and even actors, getting into film school is a mandatory step. Spend your free time… Read more