The Crawl Space Foundation Requires Stability

What’s in the foundation doesn’t exactly stay in the foundation. In fact, the air won’t just vent out either! Keeping the air in a crawl space clean is just as important as keeping your home’s foundation secure. Did you know that your home’s stability is greatly influenced by the condition of your crawl space? It’s true!

What’s the Problem?

The foundation can develop various problems when left unfixed could cause serious issues for your home. A home’s stability and endurance can sometimes become dependent upon the foundation. We’ve all heard that people want a sturdy foundation for their children, because it provides a reliable base, fundamental teaching and overall stability. Most people would want the same for their home, especially since a home is most people’s greatest investment.


It’s interesting the way homes are built on soil, something that doesn’t appear all that stable. Many problems can arise from an improper foundation, which makes building such an accurate science. When a crawl space is built on an unstable soil and it cannot bear the weight of the home.

This means that over time the space will begin to sink into the pliable soil making for a very unstable foundation and home. Once the crawl space sinks the floors will follow. As the floors begin to sink and grow uneven, the walls will begin to crack.

One thing after another and all the result of being built on unstable soil.

Another cause of sinking is the improper spacing out of the support beams. When a contractor builds your home, the support beams should be appropriately spaced from one another. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for some homes. In these cases the floor sinks where the beams are extremely separated.

Moisture and Mold

Mold doesn’t scare most people because it’s almost expected in a crawl space. However, it shouldn’t be what’s expected– it should be eliminated. Mold doesn’t get eliminated until the moisture source is found and reduced.

When the environment is moist it has mold and organic materials such as wood begins to rot and attract the likes of insects like termites, carpenter ants and wood-eating beetles.

Rotting wood is understandably bad for a foundation as deteriorating wood doesn’t have the strength to support much of anything especially a home!

Foundation Walls

A foundation’s structure begins to deplete as it sinks into the soil. In doing so, the foundation walls become severely damaged, even buckling inward. Walls buckle because of pressure from hydrostatic pressure and expansive soils.

Experts have estimated that 5,500 lbs. of pressure is being pushed against the foundation walls when the moisture in the soil is increased from rain or another source. That’s a lot of pressure!

As we’ve learned, crawl spaces are very important to the overall condition of your home’s stability. By keeping your crawl space dry and by monitoring its condition you’re also doing a great service for your home.

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