The Step-by-Step Procedure of Applying For Canadian Pardons

If you have ever been accused of a crime or arrested under criminal charge in the state of Canada, you will find it extremely difficult to manage a job. The non-conviction criminal record will adversely affect your employability. The employers in Canada run a special process to check out the background of the job applicants before selecting from them. They can easily access an applicant’s criminal record. Despite being a most employable person, you will be shown the door back. Canadian pardon is the only way to eliminate your criminal record history that has actually no base in reality.

The application for Canadian pardon goes through a process of the National Parole Board. The National Parole Board is an independent administrative tribunal and acts after the Criminal Records Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The board is solely responsible to grant or refuse the applications. You need to submit your application to the Clemency and Pardons Division of the Board and undergo several legal processes. All this is very tiresome and troublesome for those who have never stepped into the snare of law before. An expert dealing with the cases of pardons and waivers can conduct you throughout the process.

If you want to apply for Canadian pardon by your own, the following checklist will surely help you. Follow the steps given below to make sure that you have filled in the application form properly. A correct and complete application form is likely to be granted by the National Parole Board.

Make sure to sign and date the original Canadian pardon application form properly.

Make sure to enclose the original RCMP Identification certificate with the application form.

Make sure to attach with the application form an authenticate pardon Court Information paper for each conviction, if there is any in the last five years.

Make sure to check out the court’s procedure and if the dates entered on the criminal record paper are right.

Make sure to get each document enclosed with the Canadian pardon application form, certified by the court clerk.

Make sure to include a Local Police Records check paper from the police in charge of the area where your residence is, with the application form.

Make sure to obtain the latest Local Police Checks because the more than six month dated checks are not considered valid.

Make sure to check the details of each Local Police Check to get your application for Canadian pardon passed through.

Make sure to include a character reference letter from the foreign police authority, if you have got a foreign address in the period of last five years. The letter should not be dated back more than six months.

Make sure to provide a letter of your good military conduct from the commanding officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, if possible.

Make sure to provide a vivid photocopy of your Canadian citizenship card or passport with


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