The Top Six Archery Tips For Beginners

Looking forward to practice your newly acquired hobby, you head out to the archery range and start shooting. Your shots are inconsistent, most of them miss, and youre getting frustrated. This is the case for many novices to archery, and to help, here are the most useful 6 archery tips that will allow you to improve your abilities and precision:

Constant anchor points: An anchor point is the place where you draw the string back to every time. This anchor point should always be the same for a consistent grouping of shots. The most common is having the index finger right underneath your chin with the bowstring touching the tip of your nose, but you should experiment and discover the best anchors for you.
Bow grip: Your grip on the bow handle should be lax and comfortable. Your first instinct might be to grip the bow hard to stabilize it, but it causes the opposite consequence. A strong grip on the bow will cause it to twist and rotate, altering the arrow trajectory slightly to right or left.
Following through: It is important to follow through with your shots by keeping your bow arm up and staying focused on the archery target until the arrow lands. Otherwise, it is very common to lower the bow too early causing the arrow trajectory to be altered downward, causing missed shots.
Focus and concentration: Whether it is target archery or bow hunting, it is key to concentrate and focus on one specific small area where you want your shot to land. This way, you will automatically aim at that specific area. It is tough to stay focused all the time, but in archery, you only need to concentrate on that spot for a maximum of 8 to 10 seconds as you aim and shoot.
Relaxation: Easier than most people make it to be. Clear your mind and be present before you take a shot. A good technique to do this is to inhale deeply as you aim, followed by one last big breath, and let it out slowly right before releasing the string. This will leave you calmer and allow you to keep focus easier. When uneasy or nervous, your technique will deteriorate and you are more inclined to suddenly move the bow and ruin your aim. Being calm will obviously help your focus and concentration on your target.
Practice, practice, practice: If there is one thing that will help you enormously, it is practice. You can browse all the tips you want, but if you dont put them to practice, and you dont consistently do it, then your abilities will not advance. This great quote by the author of the book Mastery explains that the path of mastery is through practice: At the heart of it, mastery is practice. Mastery is staying on the path.

These archery tips will go a long way in helping you improve your skills and precision, but only as long as you practice consistently, and always seek to correct any faults in your form.

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