Tips And Tricks At Organizing Jewelry

Jewelry amasses over the years and as it is usually something precious, or sentimental, or pretty to the eye, no one ever wants to throw any of it away. So, it collects in piles and piles and pretty soon any hope of organizing it can seem futile. But, there are tips and tricks to keeping your jewelry organized in a nice fashion and doing it in a way that benefits you the most.

Sometimes when you are getting ready, you do not think to allocate a lot of time for your jewelry selection, and why should you, as jewelry is more often an afterthought for most occasions, but suppose you have an extremely messy collection. You will spend forever digging through the mess and probably you will find that for the sake of saving time, you will end up only wearing a few pieces because you will not have the energy or patience to dig through the rest of it. Also, if all of it is crowded together and in mayhem, you might find that many of the necklaces and earrings get tangled up in each other and then the knots are at risk of tearing and suddenly all your good jewelry is at risk of being destroyed forever.

So, organizing it is a good way of keeping things in order. One way to do this is to separate jewelry by type. Move all the necklaces away from the earrings, all the earrings away from bracelets, and all bracelets away from rings. Imagine that each kind cannot survive in addition to another and keep them all separate from now on. Then, you can handle each separate thing in different organizational ways. For instance, for the earrings, you can use a series of same shaped boxes. These boxes can be plastic or wooden, but they should all have some kind of protective lining, like satin or cotton or plush so that the earrings have a soft surface. Then, begin to separate your earrings by some kind of categories.

One easy way is to do it by color, so that when it is time to get ready, you only have to go to the box with the color that you want. You can make a box for green, gold, red, pink, black, silver, and any other color earrings you might have. Label the boxes accordingly and then put all the earrings into the boxes in a color coordinated manner. This might save you loads of time when you are getting ready and wearing your red dress, because you just have to run to the red box and you will have every red earring available. You can also designate the boxes by style, as well, if you want a box for formal earrings, casual earrings, and those that work for either event, but this will really depend on the selection of earrings and what is more convenient for you.

Keep necklaces and rings in separate boxes, as well, in a similar coordinated fashion, and also think about investing in jewelry cabinets and boxes that have divisions set out and ready for you, as that can really help with organization, as well.

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