Tips and Tricks of the Paid Surveys

A lot of people who sign up through my site have asked me why they aren’t getting qualified for more surveys. Just because there is a survey opportunity, does not mean you automatically qualify nor are you going to get paid. Let’s briefly review the purpose of paid surveys. In general companies are using the marketing dollars to find out if their product is being well received by their buying community.

As an example, I recently was given 4 bars of soap to try out. One a week for a month, and had to do a survey on each one. Now, I use bar soap in the shower, but my wife uses foaming wash. If you were the marketing company wouldn’t you rather have your testers be people who use those products? So in this case, they needed more people who use bar soap and in general its men.

So depending on what product the company is looking for will equal the demographics for their paid surveys. Here is one example of what disqualifies a lot of you: If you get a survey asking if you have done a recent survey about phone, say no. Just because you have already done one, doesn’t mean it’s the same survey.

Similarly if they ask if you have tried products in the past, even if its years, say YES. As an example I got asked recently about my flying experiences. Now where I live it is mostly local companies, but they all connect to larger carriers. So in my limited experience on those I could answer questions and get paid. Again the key is saying YES, at some point I have heard of or tried that company.

Lastly, if you don’t watch popular TV or read the newspaper daily. You should probably do that. One recent survey was on Jon and Kate plus 8. If you don’t know what is going on with them, then you probably live in a cave. That being said, I know several who don’t and didn’t get the money from that survey.

So, in summary. Know your personal demographics will play a key part in qualifying for paid surveys, additionally knowing what the product is and what they are looking for is helpful. Remember to say yes to most questions on what you have tried and say no if you have done a study recently.

So knowing a little on how the process works, will more than likely lead to more conversions.

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