Top Tips On How To Pick Up Women

Every guy at one point needs some advice on how to pick up women. Nobody is born with this magic ability to make women love them – despite what you may think. All guys have to learn how to pick up women. Many men learn through trial and error. Some others, though, are not so confident or may be a little too shy to just give it a shot. If you are a guy who is not willing to be shot down over and over then you just need some top tips on how to pick up women. The following tips should help make it a little easier to get women interested in you.

Tip #1: It is all about eye contact.

Eye contact is so important when talking with a woman. However, there is a fine line between attentive eye contact and obsessive eye contact. You don’t want her to feel uncomfortable with you. The trick is making eye contact with subtle breaks every now and then. Eye contact will show you are interested in her and that you are listening to her when she talks. When you break eye contact you can just look down or look at your drink. Never look at another girl, the door or your watch. These things tell her you want out and she will probably dip before you get a chance to.

Tip #2: Don’t be a player or even look like one.

Women hate players. No matter what you think. Women hate players. Do not be one. Do not even act like you may be one. A player is a sleazy guy that no woman wants to get serious with. A player flirts with every woman he comes in contact with. A player talks big and is not afraid to toot his own horn. A player is not interested in anyone but himself. To not come off as a player, you should focus on one woman. You should listen when she talks. You should share things with her about yourself that are modest. You should not brag about anything. Be yourself and be sincere and you will avoid the player label that will kill any chances you have of picking up a woman.

Tip #3: Make her feel good.

You want to make a woman feel good about herself. When you do that she will open up. Just be careful. Too many compliments seem insincere and that is a turn off. Try to find something besides the physical to comment on, too. Once you start talking ask her about herself. Find out what she does for a living and show an interest. If you can make her feel good about herself you have accomplished a major roadblock in how to pick up women.

These three tips should give you a great start in how to pick up women. You will find that just by implementing these three things that your ability to pick up women improves. Above all, just be yourself. Do not be self conscious. If she likes you then she likes you. If not, then move on and do not get all caught up in the rejection. Not every woman is going to like you. Don’t take it too hard. Keep at it and you will find the right woman.

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