Ways to dress up the eyes

It is a common practice for many individuals to get attractive appearance by wearing fashionable clothes and other accessories. It is also true that it’s always the eyes that make other people stare and want to know a person more. The eyes are widely acknowledged as the windows to the soul. The vast majority of things in the world are perceived through the eyes for a sighted person. In addition to its visual functionality, the eye also plays a very important role in one’s beauty. Recognizing the importance of the eyes, there are more and more folks especially women who are seeking ways to make their eyes more attractive. This article shows some tips to add extra glow to the eyes.


A simple tip is to make the eyes brighter. Brightening the eyes is particularly important when the eyes are quite tired and droopy. There is a common application which uses cucumbers to achieve this effect. However, this method can not provide a lasting effect. In fact, a lasting effect of bright eyes can be better achieved by popping a spoon into the fridge for a few minutes. And then place the spoon on the eye. After one or two minutes, the cool spoon will sooth the tired eyes and offer instant expressive eyes. Another way to gain the same effect is to use eye mask with gels in them. To be honest, the most effective way to restore from tired eyes is still ensuring enough sleep.


Except for brightening the eyes, there are also many other ways to dress up them, like wearing false eyelashes, having the eyebrows tattoed and wearing contact lenses. It is a very popular action to wear false eyelashes in a variety of interesting ways. Ladies now have access to a lot of natural and believable eyelashes, as well as special ones such as colored eyelashes, eyelashes with gems and stones in them and fake eyelashes in varying lengths and texture. Colored contact lenses are also a simple way to “decorate” the eyes. Almost all colors are feasible in tinting contact lenses.


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