What Is Safe To Put On A Cold Sore While Pregnant? – Tips For Treating Cold Sores When Pregnant

Anyone with medical back ground or has been here (pregnant with cold sore) before. I am 22 weeks and have a bad cold sore that is starting to move to my top lip because they are always touching, what is safe to put on them to get them to go away fast? What Is Safe To Put On A Cold Sore While Pregnant ?

If you are also pregnant and is looking for ways to get rid of your cold sore , then here are some safe tips you can try out:

Carmex works great and abreva is all good. I don’t think abreva would effect your pregnancy because it is in a very minimal dosage on your skin. But if you are concerned stick with the carmex it is lip balm and all natural. You can get it at the grocery store or Walgreens/cvs.

Honestly a trick to treat a cold sore while pregnant is to mix equal parts of malox and peptobismal and dab it on the sore. Do it a few times a day until it goes away, which is a lot sooner than with any of the things out on the market. I know you cant take those two meds while pregnant but its not like your ingesting them. if youre wondering about if its okay id ask your doctor for something or if this would be okay to do.

I would also require that you ask your doctor about it. Cold sores (don’t be offended by this), are a form of herpes (type 1 is not the sexually transmitted kinds.Lots of people come in contact with this…it’s actually very common), but you need to ask your doctor about it. If it is type 2 (which some people have no signs or symptoms of the virus at all!) it could be passed on to the baby, and could be potentially fatal to the child.

There could also be other types of complications, brain damage, vision loss, organ failure. So always get tested to make sure! (Im telling you this because the awareness of how common this is, is trampled by the “hush-hush” attitude we have against STD’s…which in all reality, 1 in 3 people have one without any symptoms) So it’s better to be safe and get checked, and have no problems, than sorry, and your baby has to live the rest of their lives with something.

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