When and Where to Put a Life Jacket on Your Dog

Just like us humans, dogs too need life jackets when they are in and around water. The younger the dog, the greater the need for a life jacket especially if you are the type that loves going to the beach often or live nearby a pond or have a pool at home. Dog life jackets are important for a dog. You cannot assume that a dog has natural instincts to swim- some need to be taught how to. Dog life jackets come in various sizes and styles to suit different types of dog breeds so you would be able to find one that is just perfect for that little Shih-Tzu or Doberman.

Life jackets for dogs are commonly used when your dog is going into the water or is around a water source such as a pond, beach and pool. When wearing a life jacket, you can be assured that your dog will be safe from drowning. Dog life jackets come in the smallest of sizes which is XXS to the largest in XXL. Size XS jackets fit small dogs such as Pekingese, toy poodles, Bichon and Silky which are dogs that weigh between 7 to 15 pounds. Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Yorkshires, and Pomeranians can fit the XXS jackets whereas 15 and 20 pound dogs such as Welsh Terriers, Dachshunds and Russell terriers all fit into an S life jacket. Just like human measurements, the bigger the dog, the bigger the life jacket.

Dog life jackets come with a quick grab handle at the top to enable you to reach out and quickly catch your dog if there’s trouble. For dogs, it is advised to not use a neoprene life jacket as dogs tend to get overheated in it and this can result in a rash by chafing. Newer life jackets for dogs produced today are breathable and the materials used allow for fast drying and draining.

Dog life jackets are needed even though your dog loves water and can swim. This is because the life jacket will help the dog when it becomes fatigue or suffers from sudden cramps. Also, these jackets are useful for dogs that are overweight, old or sick as they can feel fatigue and tired at a faster rate. Just like humans, dogs too reach a point where they have difficulty in keeping their head above water and if your dog reaches this point, the dog life jacket can safe him. Materials used for a dog’s life jacket is made to be durable, breathable and buoyant. You should properly introduce your dog to the water, especially if it a small pup. By making your dog feel safe and secure, it will better enjoy his splashing experience and won’t be so afraid to enter the water the next time round. Wearing the life jacket for the first time may be a little uncomfortable so let your dog get comfy in it before letting him into the water.

You can purchase a dog life jacket in every color, design and size from online stores and land stores. Make sure you get these life jackets according to the size of your dog measuring from the base of its neck to the base of its tail.

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