You Can Make a Man Fall For You – Without Looking Like a Model!

Do you know how to effectively make a man fall for you? Did you know than men and women think about the world in ways that are quite different? Do you know how to use this knowledge to benefit you? You might have read Dr. Gray’s book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which can be very helpful to giving you insight to how men think. However, if you are still trying to figure out how you can make a man fall for you must continue to read this article.

Women are good at forming emotional connections with people. Women tend to bond more quickly and form faster attachments while men seem to take their time in this area. Although this might make you want to give up, you shouldn’t. There is actually a benefit to this. Although it might take men longer to fall in love, once they fall they tend to stay in love for a long, long time.

Men knew where they stood in the past when it came to relationships. They made the first moves, initiated the relationship, and made most of the big decisions. However, with “girl power” women are taking control more than ever. This confuses men and they aren’t always sure where they stand and what they are supposed to be doing. Some even feel emasculated.

Most modern women tend to think that the old fashioned dating rules of letting the man be in charge are simply outdated. However, some of those rules do have some merit. For example, if a man feels as though he is chasing you, he is more likely to hang around. He likes to feel as though he has won something, even if you really had control the entire time. Men at least appreciate the illusion of control.

It’s important to let him think that he is chasing you. Let him be the one to ask you out and chase you. You deserve to be wooed-this is an art form!

You should also try not to be too aggressive in your attempts to make him commit to you. You might scare him off and make him run the other way, even if he feels seriously about you.

Keep a little bit of mystery surrounding you as well. Divulge information about yourself a little bit at a time. No need to spill your guts all at once. Let a man think that he is discovering you in ways that other men have not been able to in the past.

Try to enjoy the relationship from the point that you are in and not what the relationship might become later on down the road. The beginnings are sometimes the most part because aside from being confusing they are often exciting. Forge a friendship, get to know one another, and learn everything you can about your partner. This will make him fall for you over and over again.

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